Therapeutic Space Counselling in South London

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an initial assessment session?

The initial assessment session is to discuss any challenges that you feel are causing you difficulty in your life at present and to explore what you hope to achieve from the therapy sessions. At this point you decide whether counselling is for you and also if we can work together.

How long do I have to have therapy sessions for?

To give therapy a fair trial 6 weekly sessions are usually suggested. We will then discuss together if there is a requirement to extend your number of sessions to meet your needs.

How long are therapy sessions?
Therapy sessions last for 50 minutes.

Is therapy short-term or long-term?
Depending on your needs and emotional challenges, I offer both short-term fixed sessions and also long-term open ended sessions.

How much do therapy sessions cost?
Therapy sessions cost £65 per hour, concessions are available.

Discount for block bookings:
6 x 50 minutes - £375 (£62.50 per session)
12 x 50 minutes - £720 (£60.00 per session)

I also offer telephone and Skype sessions.

What happens if I am unable to attend a session?
If we have an agreed time for a session, you can cancel the session with a minimum of 48 hours notice before hand without incurring the cost of the session.

How will I know when it is time to end counselling?
The problem you came with will no longer feel so overwhelming and depending on the nature of the problem, it may be completely resolved. Generally you will feel lighter and more in control of your life and your emotions, with a new sense of hope for the future. You will probably have gained important insights about yourself, your life and your relationships, and have learned new techniques and modes of thinking to help you to keep moving forward once therapy has ended


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